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Porta Westfalica (Schaumburg)/S (Süd)

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Porta Westfalica (Schaumburg) / 1439 MSL; Pilot: Tudor Vacaretu
Tudor Vacaretu
S (Süd)
Ort des Wellensteiggebietes
Porta Westfalica (Schaumburg)
Lipper Bergland
Erreichte Höhe
1439 MSL
Weitere Daten
Verein: Nijmeegse Aeroclub (NijAC)
Flugzeugtyp: Std Cirrus 15m                     
Startort: Porta-Westfalica (EDVY) QNH 992 
Startzeit: 09:39 UTC
Landeort: Porta-Westfalica (EDVY)
Landezeit: 15:06 UTC
Bodenwindrichtung: 190°
Bodenwindstärke: 18 km/h             
Einstieg in die Welle/n:         
Schaumburg - 11:48 UTC

Für jedes Wellensystem:
Einstieg(e) aus: Hangwind            
Einstieg(e) in Höhe: 383 MSL
Angetroffene Steigwerte: max 1.5 m/s
Erreichte Höhe(n): 1439 MSL 12:14 UTC Schaumburg           

Ausdehnung des Steiggebietes:    
Vermuteter Auslöser:              
Lipper Bergland                                 
Höhenwindrichtung(en): / Höhenwindstärke(n):              
Some Oudie wind readings:
10:36 UTC - 165° / 36 km/h 425 MSL
11:07 UTC - 182° / 38 km/h 431 MSL
11:59 UTC - 203° / 81 km/h 1127 MSL
13:25 UTC - 211° / 69 km/h 495 MSL
Freier Bericht
Visibility wise I had better days for sure. It looked murky all day, but conditions were good, the ridge worked, a bit less in the morning (but the sun was already heating the slopes and this helped), and stronger afterwards. I was really happy to find this wave as it wasn't marked by anything (no rotor or lenticular) and it's quite easy to fly past it on the ridge. Also, it resonated a bit more westerly than usual - and it makes sense with the South East wind component. After I reached the top of the wave I could fly towards Suntel without loosing too much height, but there I quickly lost what I gained flying upwind trying to find a wave in front of a fake-rotor. The wind was quite variable during the day. I encountered: South-East, South and South West Wind. In the morning the wind was more from South-East, and in the second part of the day it turned South, South West and increased in strength, with the arrival of the cold front. This can be seen as well on the barogram (check OLC link) before and after the wave climb. The touching area of the cold front with the older airmass was marked by a nice convergence line, oriented South-North but climbing there was not possible (I tried but I did not succeed). Thanks to the Porta Westfalica aeroclub members which made this flight possible.

Foto1: Climbing in the Schaumburg Wave.jpg


Foto2: View Towards Suntel.jpg


Foto3: View Towards Melle.jpg